We invite you to read our policies, terms and conditions in relation to the income of any of our vehicles.

Requirements Warranties

For the warranty, credit cards are accepted. Ya voucher is left and a bank authorization is requested as backup of the lease agreement. This is released at the time the vehicle returns in the same condition it was delivered.
Cash is also accepted, specified in the lease agreement. This is returned at the time of return of the car in the same conditions that was delivered.

The amount of the guarantee depends on the category of car:

Payment Methods

Boomerang Rent a Car accepts the following payment methods: Cash, CreditCard, VISA, MasterCard, American Express.

Additional Drivers

On each lease, the owner is allowed to put one additional driver at no cost. Additional drivers must meet the same requirements as the primary driver. It shall also be subject to the same obligations in the conduct of the rented vehicle and is jointly liable.

Pick Up - Drop Off

If you arrive by air and pick- up is at the Cancun airport, then we would like to explain our procedure at the airport: One of our representatives will be waiting at the exit of arrivals at the airport, with a noticeable sign with logo of "Boomerang Rent a Car", and your name in big and clear for easy identification. Once located, our representative will take you to our offices which are located just 5 minutes from the airport, where we will have your car clean and ready to be delivered.

For Drop off or return is important to mention that within the city in which you rented your car, you can leave it at any of the offices at no cost, in the event that the return is made at the airport or another city, charge applies depending of the distance between locations, this information will be given to you at the office where you rented the car.


The rent does not include gasoline and it must be the same amount when you return the car. No refunds for excess gasoline in case of missing the cost it’s as follows:


The minimum rent is 24 hours, no refunds for early deliveries . After 2 hours of late delivery, you will be charged a full day rental.

Rates Insurance Medical Expenses (PAI)

In case of accident, it covers medical expenses for ambulance service, medical care and hospital expenses of the occupants of the rented vehicle.


The promotions that are advertised on the website are only valid for bookings made in it.


"The place and date agreed in the lease agreement may be modified by the customer, making BOOMERANG knowledge RENT A CAR. Failure to comply with this provision, by the holder of the lease, BOOMERANG addition RENT A CAR charges incurred, is empowered to then terminate the lease immediately and exercised the necessary actions to recover physical possession of the rented vehicle in wherever it is or whoever it may lead. The customer is required to request the extension of the rental period in advance and have the authorization from BOOMERANG RENT A CAR, if after several days, no communication from the client, BOOMERANG RENT A CAR, will report, to the relevant authorities, the rented vehicle is not returned, according to the lease and will follow up due to the same authorities. Being the customer responsible for the costs incurred in that situation."